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Explore Soursz’s features, benefits, and plans. Plus, learn how to customize campaign for your promotion’s needs.


Select your Package

Choose from Basic, Algorithmic, or AI-Targeting packages to match your campaign goals. Each package is designed to optimize exposure and engagement based on your specific needs.


target your audience

Input your music details and target audience. Our platform’s advanced AI analyzes your track’s genre, vibe, and audience preferences to tailor your campaign for maximum reach.


Launch and Track

Confirm your details and launch your campaign. Track real-time progress of your campaign, and watch your streams & royalties grow and your music reach new heights like never before.

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We have the most active network of listeners in the world thanks to AI-Targeting.

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Universal Submission

Reach the right ears with targeted submissions to genre-specific playlist curators.

Real Listeners

Promote your music with 100% genuine engagement, no bots or fakes.

Advanced Targeting

Connect with fans through precise targeting by genre, language, and location.

Enhanced Retention

Keep audiences engaged and coming back for more with sticky content strategies.

Algorithmic Playlists

Land spots on Spotify’s key algorithmic playlists for automated fan discovery.

What every plan gets you

Made by industry experts ➺ Target over 180 countries ➺ Genuine Fans only ➺ $9 trial for your first campaign ➺ Turn Hits into Legacies ➺ Amplify Your Reach by Genre ➺

Hear It From the Artists: Real Success Stories with SOURSZ

Dive into the experiences of artists who’ve transformed their music careers with SOURSZ. From major artists to seasoned musicians, hear firsthand how our platform offers not just promises but proven results.

Discover the Sound of Success: Real Artists, Real Growth with

Meet Rainer, a passionate music producer from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. Along with his exceptionally talented band, featuring some of the finest drummers and bass players in the city, Rainer has turned to SOURSZ as his go-to platform for music promotion. Join Rainer and countless others in leveraging SOURSZ to elevate your music career to unprecedented heights.

Made by industry experts ➺ Target over 180 countries ➺ Genuine Fans only ➺ $9 trial for your first campaign ➺ Turn Hits into Legacies ➺ Amplify Your Reach by Genre ➺

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Tailored Spotify Promotion Packages Designed to Elevate Your Sound and Amplify Your Reach

Frequently asked questions

To start a campaign, visit SOURSZ.com, select a category (Basic, Algorithmic, AI-Targeting), choose your package, and provide your campaign details including Artist/Band name, Track/Album name, Spotify URL, target location, music language, and music genre. Finally, enter your billing details, select a payment method, and submit your payment. You will receive an email confirming your payment and another when the review team starts working on your campaign.

Yes, SOURSZ allows you to target specific countries for your music promotion. You can specify your target location during the campaign setup process.

Campaigns typically last from 7 to 30 days, depending on the package selected. StableGrowth feature takes a different route. It extends the campaign duration to 30-260 days, providing a consistent stream count of approximately 40-500 per day.

Yes, you can repeat the same campaign for a song after it ends, but remember to wait for at least 3 days if using the same package for the same music to prevent overlap.

Payment for campaigns can be made via PayPal or credit card. All payments are processed through a secure gateway.

If you enter the wrong email or Spotify link, contact SOURSZ support immediately to correct the information before the campaign is fully activated.

SOURSZ allows promotion for albums, single tracks and playlists. You can specify what you are promoting during the campaign setup process.

Yes, targeting Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Radio and Discover Weekly is specifically featured in the Algorithmic and AI-Targeted packages, which help increase the chance of your music being featured on these platforms.

  • Basic packages offer direct submissions to playlist curators for a straightforward growth.
  • Algorithmic packages focus on securing placements within Spotify’s algorithmic playlists to enhance discovery and organic growth.
  • AI-Targeted packages utilize advanced AI to analyze listener behavior and optimally match your music to potential fans, focusing on long-term engagement and retention.

The payment process is highly secure, utilizing encrypted transactions and complying with international security standards to protect your financial information.

For any technical issues or support during your campaign, you can contact SOURSZ’s customer support team through the help center on our website, via email at [email protected].