Are there ongoing issues with the services provided by Soursz?

In the world of music streaming and playlist placements, the dynamics between platforms, artists, and intermediary services like Soursz can sometimes lead to questions and misconceptions. Let’s address the concerns regarding potential ongoing issues with the services provided by Soursz.

Understanding Soursz’s Role

Soursz provides a bridge between artists and playlist placements, ensuring that tracks get the visibility they deserve. Our platform is designed to optimize submissions, providing artists with the best chance of being noticed and placed on premium playlists.

The Spotify-Soursz Dynamics

Soursz operates independently of streaming platforms like Spotify. While we aim to maximize the chances of a successful playlist placement for artists, the final decision always rests with the platforms or individual playlist curators.

Distribution Companies’ Role

Artists often collaborate with distribution companies to get their music on streaming platforms. It’s essential to differentiate the responsibilities of the distribution companies from those of Soursz. Distribution companies ensure your track is available on platforms; Soursz enhances its visibility.

Potential Concerns & Misconceptions

Some artists might feel that their tracks aren’t getting the attention they deserve or face unexpected challenges with their listings. It’s vital to understand that these issues are rarely attributable directly to Soursz.

Soursz’s Disclaimer

While Soursz offers an enhanced pathway for playlist placements, we are not responsible for any actions taken by Spotify or artist distribution companies. Our role is to provide tools and opportunities; the externalities with platform policies or distribution companies remain outside our control.

What Soursz Ensures

  1. Transparency: Clear communication about what our services entail and what artists can expect.
  2. Guidance: Providing artists with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their chances.
  3. Integrity: Maintaining ethical standards and ensuring artists get a fair shot at playlist placements.


Role of SourszBridge between artists and playlist placements.
Spotify-Soursz RelationOperates independently, no influence over Spotify’s decisions.
Distribution CompaniesSeparate entities responsible for making tracks available on streaming platforms.
ConcernsAny issues artists face with listings or placements are rarely due to Soursz.
Soursz’s AssuranceProvides tools and opportunities but is not responsible for actions taken by platforms or distribution companies.


Why might my song not appear on a playlist even after using Soursz?

The final decision for playlist placements lies with the platform or playlist curators, not Soursz. Our role is to enhance the visibility of your track.

Can Soursz influence Spotify’s decisions?

No, Soursz operates independently and cannot influence Spotify’s or any other platform’s decisions.

What if my distribution company says there’s an issue with my track on Spotify?

Any issues regarding track listings on platforms should be discussed directly with your distribution company.

Does Soursz guarantee playlist placement?

While Soursz enhances the chances of playlist placements, we cannot guarantee it due to the independent decision-making of platforms and curators.

Why choose Soursz if placements aren’t guaranteed?

Soursz provides artists with the best tools, resources, and opportunities to enhance track visibility, giving them an edge in the competitive music landscape.

How can I maximize my chances of playlist placements?

Ensure your track is of high quality, follows the guidelines of streaming platforms, and uses Soursz’s tools and resources effectively.

Are there any hidden fees or costs with Soursz?

No, Soursz believes in transparency. Any costs or fees are communicated upfront.

Note: Always aim for clear communication and understanding when navigating the music industry. For further guidance, don’t hesitate to visit our help page.

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