What Might Be Causing a Decrease in My Streams or Followers on Spotify?

Streaming numbers and followers play a significant role in an artist’s visibility on platforms like Spotify. When these numbers start to decline, it can be worrisome. Let’s delve into the primary factors that might be affecting your streams and followers on Spotify and how they correlate with services like Soursz.

1. Campaign Duration

One primary reason for a drop in streams could be the natural conclusion of a promotional campaign. Just as advertisements on other platforms have a specific run time, music promotions on platforms like Soursz do too. If your campaign has ended or reached its limit, you might notice a subsequent decline in streams.

2. Package Limitation

The package you choose plays a pivotal role in the number of streams or followers you can potentially gain. For example, if you opt for the STARTZ package on Soursz, you might reach the package’s limit sooner than with a higher tier like PROZ. It’s essential to understand the capacity of the package you’re opting for.

3. Song Quality and Mastering

Listeners gravitate towards high-quality audio. If your song’s mastering isn’t up to par, it can affect its replay value, leading to a drop in streams. Ensuring professional mastering can significantly improve listener retention.

4. Mixing Concerns

Mixing is as crucial as mastering. If the balance between instruments, vocals, and other elements isn’t right, it can deter listeners. Poor mixing can make a song sound amateurish, which might lead to fewer streams and followers.

5. Inappropriate Category Selection on Soursz

Choosing the right category and package on promotional platforms is crucial. For instance, if you select the wrong category for your genre on Soursz, it might target the incorrect audience, leading to reduced engagement.

Summary Table

Potential IssueSolution
Campaign DurationMonitor your campaign’s end date and consider renewing or upgrading for continued promotion.
Package LimitationEvaluate the package’s scope before purchase. For higher reach, consider a more extensive package on Soursz.
Song Quality and MasteringEnsure professional mastering for optimum sound quality.
Mixing ConcernsCollaborate with experienced sound engineers for ideal mixing.
Wrong Category SelectionAlways select the category that best represents your music genre on Soursz.


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