Can I submit my song to Algorithmic Playlists on Soursz?

Algorithmic playlists are shaping the music landscape by curating tracks based on listener behaviors and preferences. For artists, landing on these playlists means reaching a broader, more engaged audience. Let’s explore how Soursz helps you tap into this potent marketing tool.

What Are Algorithmic Playlists?

Algorithmic playlists are curated by automated systems that consider user behavior, song preferences, listening history, and other unique metrics. Unlike human-curated playlists, they can adapt in real-time, ensuring listeners always have fresh and relevant music.

Soursz and Algorithmic Playlists

Soursz acknowledges the potential of algorithmic playlists and offers artists the opportunity to pitch their songs to these dynamic lists. By tapping into our platform, artists can ensure their music reaches the right ears, increasing their chances of organic growth and gaining dedicated fans.

Algorithmic Packages at Soursz

To make the submission process straightforward, Soursz has curated three specialized Algorithmic packages:

  1. Algo MINI: Ideal for budding artists or those who want to test the algorithmic playlist waters.
  2. Algo XL: A perfect package for those aiming for more significant engagement and a broader reach.
  3. Algo PRO: For serious artists wanting the maximum exposure and to leave a considerable impact.

The Importance of Algorithmic Playlists

With streaming platforms becoming a major player in the music industry, algorithmic playlists represent an essential avenue for artists:

  1. Reach: By getting on these playlists, artists can reach a global audience instantly.
  2. Relevance: Songs are matched to listeners who are more likely to enjoy and engage with the track.
  3. Rapport: Build a rapport with a new fanbase that genuinely resonates with your music.

How To Submit to Algorithmic Playlists on Soursz

Submitting your song to algorithmic playlists via Soursz is a streamlined process. Visit our Algorithmic packages section, choose the package that aligns with your goals, and follow the submission instructions.


Submission PlatformSoursz
Playlist TypeAlgorithmic
Packages OfferedAlgo MINI, Algo XL, Algo PRO
BenefitsBroader reach, relevance, and rapport building
How to SubmitVia Soursz Algorithmic packages


How do algorithmic playlists differ from human-curated playlists?

Algorithmic playlists adapt in real-time based on user behavior, while human-curated ones are fixed and update periodically.

Is there a guarantee my song will be picked by the algorithm?

No guarantees can be made, as algorithms are based on user behavior. However, using Soursz increases visibility and the chances of being picked.

What if my song doesn’t get the expected engagement?

Every song and audience is different. If one track doesn’t perform as expected, it’s essential to learn, adapt, and try again.

Can I submit to both algorithmic and human-curated playlists?

Absolutely! Diversifying your approach can help reach different segments of listeners.

How often should I submit new songs to algorithmic playlists?

It’s best to submit whenever you release new music, ensuring constant engagement and relevance.

Are there any genres that perform better on algorithmic playlists?

Algorithmic playlists cater to all genres. It’s more about song quality and relevance to the listener than the genre itself.

How does Soursz enhance my chances of landing on these playlists?

Soursz’s tailored Algorithmic packages optimize your song submission, increasing visibility and the likelihood of being picked by streaming algorithms.

Note: While we strive to provide the best opportunities for our artists, success on algorithmic playlists also depends on the song’s quality, relevance, and current musical trends. Always aim for authenticity and visit our help page for more guidance.

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