Why Was My Song Removed from Spotify?

When an artist finds that their song has been removed from Spotify, it can be a cause for concern and confusion. Navigating the world of music streaming platforms and understanding the intricacies of song placements can be challenging. In light of this, we’ve compiled the primary reasons a song might be removed from Spotify and how artists can prevent such unfortunate events.

1. Use of Fake Promotion Services

One of the primary reasons songs get removed from Spotify is the use of fake promotion services. Some platforms promise artists a guaranteed number of streams, but in reality, they use bots or unethical methods to inflate these numbers artificially. Spotify’s algorithm is sophisticated and can often detect such anomalies.

2. Fake Stream Generation

In line with the above, if an artist intentionally generates fake streams, either by repeatedly playing their songs or using third-party services, Spotify can detect these irregularities. Such behavior can result in the song being removed or even lead to stricter actions against the artist’s account.

3. Utilizing Free Promotions from Unverified Sources

Free promotions might seem tempting, but they can sometimes backfire. If a promotion service isn’t verified or reputable, it might employ dubious methods to boost song popularity, which Spotify can detect and act upon.

4. Distributor Policies

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with Spotify directly but with the music distributor an artist uses. Distributors have their own set of guidelines, and if they believe a track violates these guidelines, they might remove it from all platforms, including Spotify.

5. Infringement of Copyright

If a song samples another track or uses elements from another song without appropriate permissions, it might be flagged for copyright infringement. Spotify takes copyright seriously, and any songs in violation can be removed immediately.

6. Artist Responsibility

Artists must take responsibility for the promotional services they use. It’s crucial to vet services and understand their methods before engaging. Opting for genuine companies like Soursz ensures that artists are on the right side of platform guidelines and policies.

7. Direct Violation of Spotify’s Guidelines

Lastly, if a song directly violates any of Spotify’s guidelines or terms of use, it can be removed. It’s essential for artists to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure compliance.

Summary Table

Fake Promotion ServicesVet promotional services thoroughly. Avoid offers that seem too good to be true.
Fake Stream GenerationDon’t artificially inflate stream numbers.
Unverified Free PromotionsStick to reputable promotional services.
Distributor PoliciesUnderstand your distributor’s guidelines and ensure compliance.
Copyright InfringementAlways get necessary permissions for samples or elements borrowed from other songs.
Not using Genuine CompaniesOpt for known, reputable companies like Soursz.
Violating Spotify’s GuidelinesFamiliarize oneself with Spotify’s guidelines and terms of service.


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