What could be causing issues with the “human verify” process during password reset?

The “human verify” process, commonly referred to as CAPTCHA or similar verification systems, is a critical component in ensuring that online platforms, like Soursz, remain secure from automated bots. When users experience issues during this process, it can be both frustrating and concerning. This guide aims to shed light on common challenges faced during the “human verify” step of password reset on Soursz and how to troubleshoot them.

Why Human Verification Exists

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand the purpose behind human verification. It serves as a security measure to prevent automated bots from carrying out malicious activities, such as attempting to hack into accounts. By requiring users to complete a task that machines find challenging, platforms like Soursz ensure that the action is genuinely being carried out by a human.

Common Challenges with Verification

Several factors might hinder the smooth operation of the human verification process during password reset:

  1. Image Clarity: At times, the images provided for verification might be blurry or unclear, making it difficult for users to identify the required elements.
  2. Ambiguity: Some tasks might seem ambiguous to users. For instance, when asked to select all images with traffic lights, it’s unclear whether to choose images with just a part of the traffic light or only those showing it in full.
  3. Technical Glitches: Occasionally, there might be technical issues on the website or the third-party CAPTCHA service provider’s end, causing the verification to fail.

Solutions and Workarounds

If you’re facing challenges with the “human verify” process on Soursz, consider the following solutions:

  • Refresh the Page: A simple refresh can reload the CAPTCHA, presenting you with a new set of images or tasks.
  • Zoom In/Out: Adjusting the zoom level on your browser might help in viewing the images more clearly.
  • Use Audio Verification: Some CAPTCHA services offer audio verification as an alternative. This can be especially useful if you find visual tasks challenging.
  • Switch Browsers: Occasionally, browser-specific issues might prevent CAPTCHA from functioning correctly. Trying a different browser can help.
  • Clear Cookies and Cache: Stored cookies and cache might interfere with the verification process. Clearing them can resolve potential conflicts.

Reaching Out for Help

If you’ve tried the above solutions and still face issues, consider reaching out to Soursz’s support team. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific challenge and ensure you regain access to your account promptly.


Why Human Verification ExistsEnsures only humans, not bots, access account functionalities.
Common ChallengesIssues can arise due to image clarity, task ambiguity, or technical glitches.
Solutions and WorkaroundsRefreshing the page, adjusting browser zoom, using audio verification, switching browsers, or clearing cookies and cache can help.
Reaching OutIf issues persist, Soursz’s support is available to assist.


Why do I keep failing the human verification?

CAPTCHA challenges can sometimes be tricky. Ensure you’re interpreting the task correctly, and consider using audio verification if available.

Can I bypass the “human verify” process?

For security reasons, bypassing the “human verify” process is not recommended or possible. It’s there to protect your account.

The images are too blurry; what can I do?

You can try refreshing the page to get a new set of images or adjust your browser’s zoom level to view them better.

Is there an alternative to image-based verification?

Yes, some CAPTCHA services offer audio verification. Look for an audio icon or option on the verification widget.

I’ve tried multiple times; should I wait before trying again?

If you’ve had several unsuccessful attempts, it might be a good idea to wait a few minutes before trying again to avoid being temporarily locked out.

Are there any browser recommendations for smoother verification?

Most modern browsers should support CAPTCHA services. However, if you’re facing issues, consider switching to browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I suspect my account has been compromised; what should I do?

Immediately reach out to Soursz’s support and ensure you change your password and enable any additional security measures available.

Note: Protecting your account is paramount. If you face challenges during the verification process, remember it’s a measure to safeguard your data and account on platforms like Soursz. Always prioritize security over convenience.

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