Can you assist with issues I’m facing on the Spotify app itself?

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform that has cemented its place in the hearts of millions of users worldwide. Naturally, many users, when faced with issues or questions about the Spotify app, look for assistance on various platforms. However, it’s essential to clarify the distinction between Spotify and platforms like Soursz.

Understanding Soursz’s Role

Soursz provides a unique platform that bridges the gap between artists and playlist curators. It allows users to submit their music to playlist curators, increasing the chance of their music being discovered by a broader audience. However, Soursz is in no way affiliated with Spotify or any of its affiliates.

Addressing Spotify-specific Issues

If you’re facing challenges with the Spotify app itself, it’s advised to approach Spotify’s official support channels. They have dedicated teams that are equipped to handle queries, technical glitches, or any other issues users might encounter while using their platform.

Soursz’s Commitment to Integrity

One of the core principles at Soursz is its strict adherence to Spotify’s terms of service. The platform takes pride in providing a legitimate bridge for artists and curators without manipulating the Spotify system. This means that while Soursz aids in music submission, it does not engage in selling streams or guaranteeing playlist placements.

The Role of Playlist Curators

It’s pivotal to understand that the decision to feature a song on a playlist rests solely with the curators. While Soursz acts as a conduit, the final choice is at the curator’s discretion, ensuring that the music selection remains genuine and organic.

Why Choose Soursz?

Despite not being affiliated with Spotify, Soursz offers a valuable service to emerging artists. The platform provides a genuine opportunity for artists to get their music heard, without violating any terms of service, and with the utmost transparency.

Potential Violations and Consequences

Soursz has a stringent policy against any actions that violate Spotify’s terms of service. Any user found breaching these terms will face repercussions, including the potential suspension from the Soursz service.


SectionKey Insights
Understanding Soursz’s RoleSoursz is a bridge between artists and playlist curators, not affiliated with Spotify.
Addressing Spotify-specific IssuesFor Spotify app issues, contact Spotify’s official support.
Soursz’s Commitment to IntegrityAdheres strictly to Spotify’s TOS, does not sell streams or guarantee placements.
Role of Playlist CuratorsCurators have the final say in music selection on playlists.
Why Choose Soursz?Transparent service aiding artists to get their music heard.
Potential Violations and ConsequencesViolation of Spotify’s TOS can lead to suspension from Soursz.


How is Soursz associated with Spotify?

Soursz is not affiliated with Spotify. It offers a platform for artists to submit their music to playlist curators.

Can Soursz fix technical issues I face on the Spotify app?

No, for Spotify app-specific issues, it’s best to contact Spotify’s official support channels.

Does Soursz guarantee a number of streams or playlist placements?

No, Soursz does not guarantee any number of streams or playlist placements.

How does Soursz ensure it doesn’t violate Spotify’s terms?

Soursz strictly adheres to Spotify’s TOS, refraining from selling streams or guaranteeing playlist placements.

Are playlist placements on Soursz paid?

No, the decision to feature a song is solely at the discretion of the playlist curators.

What happens if a user violates Spotify’s terms on Soursz?

Any user found to be in violation of Spotify’s TOS will have their account suspended from the Soursz service.

Is Soursz officially endorsed by Spotify?

No, is not affiliated with, maintained, endorsed, or sponsored by Spotify or any of its affiliates.

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